A pandemic in the Traveller Universe implied that the infection propagates throughout the interstellar space via Jumps. In a TL10 society such as the Empire, this is possible mainly only because of the virulence of Terran viruses and the poor biotechnological state of the Vilanis. The other challenge in dealing with pandemics/epidemics is the wave of hysteria that it generates.


Propagation Dynamics

Infections originates from location where Terran traders interact with Vilanis. This is usually at the edge of the Empire. The incubation takes 3d6 weeks until the epidemics is identified as a threat. By then, major routes have carried the seed of the pandemics to other worlds.

Major routes propagates within a week of the epidemic onset. Minor routes takes 2d6 weeks, and uncommon jumps 2d6 months.

Epidemic Dynamics

Epidemics behave like GURPS disease acting on whole nations or world as a single character. The HT of a nation is TL+2. Although the Vilani empire is TL10, their biotechnology is really TL9.

Modifiers to HT:

  • Average fitness level of the population (-2 to +2)
  • First contact with any Terran virus: -2
  • First contact with this particular Terran virus: -1
  • Terran intervention during onset and incubation: +2
  • Meaningful and successful Terran intervention in late stage: +1
  • Secondary wave of infection: +2
  • Successful prophylactic vaccination program in stage II or below: +4

Stages of Infection:
I – Dormant
Can only be reached once that stage II was reached once for this virus.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda), Vaccination Program (Administration).

II – Incubation
Initial stage of an original infection. Usually, the population will not even know about the virus and suspect nothing.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda-2), Vaccination Program (Administration-3).

II – Onset
The population is now aware of an infection. Most are incredulous, some are alarmist. The government must now manage hysteria. as a separate epidemic on this Incubation stage.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda), Treatment (Physician).
Support: Intelligence Analysis, Current-Affairs.

III – Epidemic
The weakened members of the population are now dying in significant numbers. Productivity is down. Hysteria is now resisted at -2. The regular hospital system must be supplemented with field installations.
Treatment: Treatment (Physician), Special measures (Administration).
Support: Public Health (Propaganda), Intelligence Analysis.

IV – Disaster
The general population are now dying in significant numbers. Productivity has ground to a halt. Hysteria is now resisted at -4. All medical efforts are focussed on treating symptoms and managing mortality. The Epidemic cannot be managed anymore
Treatment: Special measures (Administration).
Support: Treatment(Physician), Intelligence Analysis.


  • Influenza A: HT-1, 2d6 cycles, mutates into a new virus in stage III. Airborne.
  • Measle: HT+1, 4 cycles.
  • Mumps: HT+0, 6 cycles.
  • Hemorrhagic fever: HT-2, 3d6 cycles. Higher rate of death than other viruses. Contact.
  • HIV: HT+1, 100+ monthly cycles, sexual contact only.


The frontline treatment is a nanoparticle injecting IgG antibodies of Terran sources into the genome of white blood cells. The thought of getting Terran genes is offensive for Vilanis. Also, there is a persistent rumor that the vaccine contains harmful chemical and cause autism in children.
Immunity is acquired over 2 cycles (full effect of a second wave: +2), the first cycle being only a partial immunity (treat as secondary wave but at +1).


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