Hysteria is the popular reaction to the various pandemics. It evolves like a GURPS poison, just like the pandemic itself.

Propagation Dynamics

Mass hysteria is first initiated at the Level II – Rumor Mill level at the Onset stage of an epidemic.

Epidemic Dynamics

Mass hysteria — Check weekly vs population’s Fright(Will). Consider the base population to have Fright-10.

Modifiers to Fright:

  • Already traumatized by other factors: +2
  • Enjoying a period of prosperity: -1
  • Rumor of a Terran Bioweapon is in effect: -2
  • Treatment : +1

Stages of hysteria:
I – Tin foil hat conspiracy
Cannot get any better than this. All is good: just disable comments on the planetary YouTube equivalent.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda).

II – Rumor Mill
Urban legends and rumor are generated and propagated in this stage. Things go viral, people argue online such that it is hard to keep tab on it.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda-2).

II – Fear
Individuals are afraid for their own safety an begin to take inappropriate actions. Cooperation with the Authority is affected -1 on treatments. Terran personnel should make provision for personal security.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda).

III – Panic
Fractionalized societies are breaking down and require military interventions (treat as stage IV). Coherent societies receive treatments at -2.
Treatment: Public Health (Propaganda-2).

IV – Breakdown of civil government
Societies are breaking down and require military interventions. Treatment are now at -4. This stage cannot be exited without quelling some form of civil war
Treatment: Counterinsurgency Military campaign (Strategy/Intelligence Analysis).


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