Sir Tsuros of Keos

Knight, Vicar of the Church of Keonus


Sir Tsuros is the self-appointed defender of the covenant of the Chrirch of Keonus on the submerged city of Keos B. He is at odds with the local noble, Lord Sevetmus, but his religious creds makes him influential. Proles will avoid areas of Keos when it is known that he is present. He has, unsuccessfully, campaigned for a Royal edict against the hashtag #TsurosIsHere on the local social network.

Many infidels and wrongly branded bystanders perished to the power blade of his sabre.


Sir Tsuros is the self-proclaimed enforcer of the Church of Keonus in Keos B. In this khagarii culture, knights are akin to Terra’s samurai: with full latitude to deliver justice swiftly and violently. The relevant items in the code of conduct are the following:

Chruch of Keos, a knight must:

  • Prevent infidels from preaching to the masses
  • Deliver justice as you see fit on proles, swiftly.
  • Must obtain permission from bishop before prosecuting other knights and nobles.
  • Cannot be touched by infidels [Devout]
  • Cannot engage in a conversation with infidels other than to prosecute crimes [Devout]

A medical intervention by Terran medical personnel won’t fly in his mind unless authorized by the highest authority.

Sir Tsuros of Keos

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