Schmirgu Hassanmi

High-profile Terran reformist youth in occupied Nusku


Gender: Male, Starting age:26 (end of generation), Ethnicity: Nusku Native, Vilani culture.

IQ: 11, DX: 12, ST:11, HT:9
Per: 12, Will: 10, HP: 13, FP:10

Trait: Overweight, dyslexic, luck


Language: Vilani (oral: native, written: native).
Status: 2 (business owner), Wealth: Comfortable, Chauvinistic
Talent: Smooth Operator 2. skills: Acting, Carousing, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Intimidation, Leadership, Panhandling, Politics, Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal, and Streetwise.
Reputation: +1 reaction, Scope: system-wide, Frequency of recognition: Always.


  • Mother, powerful individual, CR6.


Knowledge: Area Knowledge(Nusku)- 13, History(Nusku)-11
Academics: Computer/TL10-11, Research-9, Writing-10, Administration-11, Politics-14
Influence: Public-Speaking-12, Leadership-12


2144 AD. Nusku

Schmi grew up on Nusku in a large urban area near the heart of the intergalactic low port. His mother was a respected broker for the Sharurshid. His family is well respected, of an old Khagarii stock that has over the centuries fared well under the Imperial rule. Schmi is a towering, clever and athletic with a weak health. He can manipulate people to his will and has made the best of it during his teenagehood. By age 12, the Terran occupation began. He was elected as one representative of his middle school to become a youth liaison with the new administration. This is when he briefly met Tatiana Vladič from the UWO. The encounter with the UWO officials opened a number of possibilities to the young Khagarri as the Empire faded to be replaced by the new ideas from Terra.

2160 AD, Occupied Nusku (Terra) (Age: 16)

Schmi bit a bit more than he could chew in high school. He organized a junior UWO club and became a high profile member of the new generation of progressive political youth. A few of his videos went viral and a number of his lesser known positions pieces landed him in hot water for defamation of local political figures. The controversy was short lived, and he gained Nusku-wide fame for his involvement. He emerges out of this ordeal as a keen politician and a natural leader with some name recognition.

(Technical: Risk: +1, support: IQ, Skill: Computer use. MoS: +3, Peril 15 vs IQ-11, MoS: -4. Prison time, +2 ennui)

2163 AD, Occupied Nusku (Terra) (Age: 19)

Schmirgu Hassanmi

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