The Dingir System is an ethnic khagarri system with a single inhabited world. Dingir was the capital for the sector for a brief moment during the build-up to the 3rd Interstellar wars. There are still traces of this chapter of Dingir’s history.

Physics: Earth-like waterworld (90% water), average temperature of 37C, 85h/day and 146d/years. Heavy rains are common as well as regular cycles of tropical storms near the equator.

Cultural highlight: Feudal society at TL10. Intra-caste duels are still widely used for settling civil and criminal justice. Imperial-passport bearing personnel is exempt from this practice by Imperial decree. As a result, Imperials are seen as outlanders and must be wearing a RFID/Visible armband identifying them as such. Foreigner such as Terran have their own armband, but are not exempt from the local judicial system.

Kingdom of Stodovis Reaction: Poor 8

TL10 – Archologies and most of dry land. These are typical condescending Vilanis.

There is a quarantine in a LEO station.

Principality of Keonus Reaction: Poor 7

TL10 – Underwater (shallow) living, archologies. The farmers are quite prosperous and are keeping the political climate to content.

Kingdom of Specetov Reaction: Neutral 10

TL9 – Polar large floating cities, food production.

Imperial Seat

High and lowport (floating). H3 production. Capital installation are overrun with a large bazaar (ideal for smugglers).

Legality class there is less than for the rest of the planet. There is a law presence, but it is pretty hand-off. Many are wearing masks and respirators.


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