Charter 133, UNNC Hadrian

2170 Sol 134 – Dingir SystemUNNC Hadrian has Jumped from Kahushma to perform the Charter 172 rotation. Lt. Cmdr. Harrowstein is extradited to the Imperial Authority so that he can be tried for the murder of Vilani Emissary Shurshud Mealaski.

2170 Sol 126 – Kahushma System – Shortly after the time of jump, Lt. Cmdr. Harrowstein is implicated in the murder of Emissary Shurshud Mealaski. Key findings are gathered and presented by the Vegan Physician Km’ee-Ktic Mgii. The circumstances of the murder and the possible cause are unknown to the crew.

2170 Sol 124 – Kahushma System – Refuel operation at Kahushma MEO Imperial highport. Some shore leaves granted.

2170 Sol 72 – Daamaka System – Successful treatment of a relapse Stage II epidemics on the frozen world of Daamaka. Extensive field installations maintained in a constant state of fear. The Hadrian’s crew becomes exhausted. Ambulance pilot contractor Saercha Khameni killed during a planetside EVA on the pad of the lowport. No investigations carried out due to interference from Emissary Shurshud Mealaski.

2170 Sol 63 – Apishlun System – With the guidance of Dr. Km’ee-Ktic Mgii, the science team from the Hadrian gets clearance to sample from primordial stem lifeforms on the planet’s surface. It is believed that breakthrough in group immunity may be made from these findings. However, this will take time, and time is in short supply on the Hadrian.

2169 Sol 362 – Shululshis SystemUNNC Hadrian leaves the Shululshih system after 410 days of continuous operations. A stable, locally operated vaccine facility is now operational.

2168 Sol 317 – Shululshish SystemUNNC Hadrian begins a long support mission amidst political turmoil and direct targetting of Terran through a Stage IV epidemics. Imperial Marines are attached to the Mission for most of the next 410 sols (days).

2168 Sol 161 – Nusku SystemUNNC Hadrian Charter 133 is activated. Their mission, seek regions where Terran medical expertise is needed and act autonomously to alleviate the impact of Terran viruses on the Sharshurshid space..

Charter 133, UNNC Hadrian

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