Tatiana Vladič

Chief Mission Officer


At age 52, Tatiana is an unlikely diplomat. She’d strike the astute quickly as a little slow if engaged in a general conversation. However, she has an incredible knack for business and anything involving the pushing of fields across informations systems.

She grew up on Callisto with a Serbian heritage. Daughter of parents in the law enforcement and pupil of a pro-eminent mining expert, she overcame a difficult life path to emerge as an important cog in the UWO diplomatic machine.

A series of illness during her college years has left her weakened. She is otherwise a the kind of person that you wouldn’t pick out of a crowd as being unusual.


2116 AD

Born on Callisto. Grew up modestly but very well looked after. Placed under the patronage of Dr. Milosevich, a pro-eminent geologist.

2132 AD (age 16-19)

Economic hardship drive her family to the threshold of poverty. She nonetheless persists in her studies and rakes a system-wide scholarship to study public administration.

2135 AD (age: 19-24)

Undergraduate student at the Terran Universitas, Callipso campus (TU-C). A series of illness leaves her weakened. She manages to graduate five years later.

2140 AD (age: 24-36)

Climbs to the rank of Manager for the UWO in the economic office as a financial analyst.

2152 AD (age: 36-40)

Finds a job in the private sector as a communication officer. Her employer is a security contractor. While she rises to the rank of director, she becomes aware of war crimes and becomes a whistleblower. Although terrans were then hungry for revenge and the whole affair becomes famous as Retribution-Gate. She leaves the private sector after 4 years.

2156 AD (age: 40-46)

Attempts to enter the foreign services but is turned down at the entrance examination. Takes on a communication’s director position on Nusku in support of economic development. Times are hard during the insurgency and transition period. She realizes that she hit a glass ceiling in the public service. The sudden illness of her mother on Callipso encourages her to enact change in her life once more.

2162 AD (age:46-52)

Leveraging the political clout of her old patron, she barely makes it into the foreign services. She volunteers for Charter 133, a medical relief mission in the Vilani Empire that is rather unpopular back home. She rises to the rank of Chief Mission Officer. Her past involvement in Retribution-Gate and forceful assertion of command in the face of the Navy makes her much disliked by the them. She doesn’t care.

Tatiana Vladič

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