Sanjeet Lewis-Vats



IQ: 11, DX:9, ST: 9, HT: 11;
Per: 10, Will: 11, HP:8, FP: 11;
Overweight [-1] 5’3", 160 lb.;
TL: 10 [ 5];

Talent: Mathematical Ability 2;
Trait: chauvinistic , selfless, luck;


Status: 4 (Physician family, self made expert)
Wealth: Wealthy (2)
Trait: Charisma 1
Rank: ambassador/5


Hindi N/N
Anglic N/N
Vilani B/-

Social Network

Patron: Neeraj Vats (Father), 2128- [ V. powerful, CR12] [ 30]
Ally: Karman Dwala, 2144- [ 75%, CR12] – Teenagehood buddy, not as wealthy. [ 6]
Contact: Alyssa Smith, Writing – 12, CR12, Kraken 2, 2144, somewhat reliable. High school study partner.
Contact: Computer Hacking-15, CR12, completely reliable.
Contact: Melkior, Current Affairs(Vilani)-21, completely reliable, CR9


Research-11, Computer Ops/TL10-11, Free fall-8, Writing-11, Mathematics-13**, Finance-13**, Market Analysis-14**, Economics-11, Politics-12, Computer Programming-13, Cryptography-14, Electronic Ops-11, Intelligence Analysis-12, Merchant-11,

Savoir-faire (corporate)-11, Carousing-12, Administration-12, Psychology-10, Diplomacy-13, Public-speaking-10, Fast-talk-11


Area Knowledge(Terra)-14, Current-Affairs(Events)-10, Area Knowledge(Nusku)-13


Early childhood [ 64 cps]

Sanjeet was born in privilege in the elite of the Martian nation. He grew up on Kraken 2, one of Mars’ highport from a family of medical specialists. Many would have labeled him as unremarkable, except for a definitive knack for mathematics and Sciences. Sanjeet grew up into a passionate activist to the improvement of the quality of life of the colonist on the planet below: a task at which he excelled due to his family wealth and power and natural charm.

Sanjeet’s father is a very powerful man as the Chief General Surgeon for the Nation of Mars. He’s got a lot of clout on Mars (world) and Terra (system). His father believes that Sanjeet should work hard to get what he wants and don’t tend to indulge him without a due justification.

Secondary Education, Kraken 2, Mars, 2144 – 2147

Sanjeet spent his secondary education studying with his new friend Alyssa. He focussed on finance and diplomacy: it appears to be appropriate as the 3rd interstellar war broke out. His graduation was cancelled as it occurred a few days after the planetary bombardment of Terra.

Bachelor degree, Kraken 2, 2147 – 2149

Sanjeet complete a B.C.S. in 2 years and wrote a thesis on secure business communications. he associated with a classmate with a powerful knack for computer hacking. His success was noticed by a peer who watched him throughout his time as a student. The rival, however, got an exciting job offworld and vanished from the picture.

Analyst for the public service, Terra, 2149-2161

As the war was reaching its climax, Sanjeet accepted a position in the public service as a financial analyst. His keen eye and expertise propelled him to the top of the ladder within 10 years. However, his ability to manage his own finances weren’t as good: he had to sell his residence and move into a condo in Washington, DC.

Rise to the position of ambassador, Nusku, 2161 to present

Sanjeet relocated to Nusku when the planet was granted Nation status with the UWO. He acted as an attache in the UWO relation office. He spend the best of 4 years designing applications for the various information systems in order to interface Nusku systems with these of the UWO. Feeling that his life was wasting away, he located Melkior, an enigmatic person with a huge rolodex and a microphone into all terminals that matter. Using this information he climbed to the position of embassador. By 2170, Sanjeet is now ready to assume the very official role of embassador for the UWO in Dingir, and is waiting for a lift to get him there.

Sanjeet Lewis-Vats

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