Lt. Samuel Bergman

Terran Marine Corps, cancer survivor.



ST12, DX11, IQ10, HT12, HP14, FP14, Will9, Per9;


fit, honest face, skinny, chauvinistic, callous;

Cybernetic right leg (replacement after cippling), digestive system replacement ( cancer ).

Talent — Born Soldier

soldier, tactics, leadership, first-aid, gun(rifle), battlesuit, free fall, throwing, survival, intimidation;


Appearance 1 : Attractive
Status 2
Wealth 1 – comfortable
rank : lieutenant/3

Contact : Lt. Smith, Savoir-faire – 15, CR12, usually reliable
Contact group: Free traders Skill-21, CR 9, unreliable.
Dependent: Mira, friend from Nusku, CR9 (75%)

Reputation: 1 Junior tri-athlete, Pan-terran games, Always recognized)


Level 13 : Area Knowledge(Terra);
Level 12: Throwing, Gun(rifle), Powersuit, Free fall, Area Knowledge(Nusku);
Level 11: Leadership, soldier, Tactics, First-aid, Savoir-faire(Military), Driving(ground);
Level 10: Electronic Ops, Stealth, Crewman, survival (terra), Computer Ops;
Level 8: History(terra)


Early life

Samuel is a hulking man who rose to fame by winning all events in a Pan-terran game ironman contest in 2155 at the age of 16. As the war war ramping up, he joined the marines and was deployed on Nusku in a low-intensity conflict area. There, he became life-long friend with a Vilani woman name Myra whom he dated briefly at first. Shortly after being promoted Sargent, he lost his leg to an IED and had a replacement limb fitted.

Officer in the Marines

After reabilitation, he signed up for leadership training and received a commission in the marines. He was further hurt in a Powersuit malfunction and while treated was dagnosed with an aggressive form of intestinal cancer. His digestive track had to be removed and replaced by an artifical digestive system. His health suffered a bit.
During the lower-paced work after recovery, he made extensive contact with Lt. Smith and members of the Free trader society. Lt. Smith allowed him to knock at the right door within the military while his trader friends, although an unreliable bunch, come terribly handy every now and again.

Lt. Samuel Bergman

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