The Hadrian Wall

Session 7 - Influenza in a dome

The snuffing of an epidemic.


The UNNC Hadrian is a Terran hospital ship on a pandemic relief mission into the Vilani Empire. The ship is heading deeper into the empire to investigate an outbreak, but has been embroiled in a three-way power struggle in a lawless system called Ensulur. They have identified the onset of an Influenza A(V) outbreak in the domed city of Upshal. Meanwhile, the 507th Bn Imperial Marines has commandeered one of their orbital interface ambulance for battlezone MEDEVAC. Meanwhile, the dominating faction on Ensulur just lost a fighter drone and is held back only by the looming threat of the Imperial dropship nearby.


Ensulur has long descended into a near state of anarchy. The Empire firmly controls the refuelling facilities near a distant gas giant, while the Kamerian are the flavour of the month ruler of the starport. About 4.2 million souls are scattered over a dozen domes and subsurface enclosures. The main world is a frozen rock, without air, water nor food. Gravity: 0.37G The domed city of Upshal is the seat of a well governed city-state with a claim to mainworld government status.


Location: UNNC Hadrian, Low-Orbit’s mainworld, Ensulur system
Terran timestamp: March 28, 2170 AD

Chief Mission Officer Tatiana Vladic convinced the onboard Vilani liaison to lobby the 507th Bn Imperial Marines to release the UNNC Ibiscus for an emergency deployment of the field hospital. Tatiana impressed the 507Bn/CO that time was a critical factor in containing the Onset of a possibly serious outbreak. The Marine Commander reluctantly obliged, largely due to the intervention of the Vilani liaison. The political impact is minimal, considering the slight made to them earlier in the day when the Hadrian ignored their request.

Clavain (Pilot), Dr. Mgii (physician) and Sgt. Bergman are released from the dropship to perform an orbital transfer to the Hadrian.

Location: Upshal City-State, mainworld, Ensulur system
Terran timestamp: March 28, 2170 AD

The second ambulance, the UNNC Pharao, landed in Upshal some in the dying hour of the Ensulur day. On board, Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura and three naval crews, Director Xiao Chen and one operative and nurse Rory Pond. They were greeted by an administrator and his cyborg assistant. The assistant did all of the talking, lead them to the hospital to meet with nurse Ratchett (already on site) and the hospital administrator.


Xiao tasked Eleanor (the agent) to assist the Navy with security details while he hit the usual shady joints to make contacts and find information. Unfortunately, he came across strongly and realized only too late that he ruffled feathers in the process. He was then concerned that he may have started the rumour that the Terrans were here to take over the civilian administration: a sensitive point in Upshal.

Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura is led through a number of sites near the hospital to identify the most defensible field hospital. Ratchett was happy with a warehouse near the ER, but Vulnicura realized only too late that the site couldn’t be secured with the little staff that she had. By then it was too late to change her mind: she’d have to be creative.

Location: Upshal City-State, mainworld, Ensulur system
Terran timestamp: March 29, 2170 AD

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mgii arrived in Upshal in the early hours of morning with 10dT of hospital equipment and CMO Tatiana Vladic. The security situation has deteriorated as the waiting rooms in the hospital swelled with patients. Tatiana learned from Xiao Chen that there is a rumour claiming that the Hadrian crew is here to institute martial law. As a result, some stores have elected to remain closed, and people are stocking up on food and weapons.

Xiao Chen spent the 29th undoing the damage done on the previous day. He made contact with local law enforcement and had them leverage their media to propagate a calming message clarifying that the Terrans are here purely to assist the local authority to fight the epidemic. At a higher level, Tatiana managed to get the city’s CEO to allocate law enforcement to protect the field Hospital. Most importantly, Tatiana made sure that hospital administrator Ulram was the public face of the operation.

The additional indigenous law enforcement arrived just on time to prevent a pilfering attempt on the field hospital. The police officer in charge issues gaussian pistol to the terrans.

Location: Upshal City-State, mainworld, Ensulur system
Terran timestamp: March 30, 2170 AD

Dr. Mgii observed that the rate of admission of Influenza A(V) patient is now smaller than the rate of release and that the waiting rooms are starting to clear. While INTEL analyst feeds data from the various news and social network, the epidemic predictive model suggests that the onset had been averted. At the same time, stores announced that they would open, and hysteria goes from rash actions to vocal whining. The Hadrian crew felt ready to call this operation a success.

While Dr. Mgii ran the hospital like a German train network, Dr. Inuuq on the Hadrian was mass producing gene-replacement vaccines, and Tatiana was advising on a public health communication plan to prepare for a mass vaccination campaign. The Hadrian was still on a schedule, with millions in Vilani credits in freight delivery jobs to be honoured.

Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura returned to Low-Orbit to prepare the Hadrian for the next delicate operation: delivering 300 dT of freight into a Kamerian controlled highport. Xiao Chen consolidated a Upshal connection network that may prove handy for the next step. Active sensor tit-for-tat was going on for the last two days: what came ahead will not be a picnic.

Aspects that are carried over to the next session

  • The Apishlun samples are still a secret from the Vilanis
  • Stavra Shilku suffers from a mild form of withdrawal/depression.
  • The naval crew is upset about their commander (Vladic’s propaganda).
  • The Imperial Navy has the Hadrian under protection.
  • Imperial Liaison Evoll is upset at Vulnicura, and cosy with Vladic (Vladic’s effort).
  • The Kamerians are upset about the Nightgaunt incident.
  • The cargo still needs to be delivered to the Kamerian-controlled highport.

Characters Cast

  • Chief Agent Xiao Chen: A survivor from the Tibetan plateaux. Tech level 10 is too much for him, but that is not his business.
  • Dr. Theosolfus Inuuq (Cmdr): Terran Head of Science and grandmaster of contingency plans. Keeper of the “Apishlan infection”, as the Vilanis call it.
  • Ambulance Pilot Clavain Malek: Terran contractor, former free-trader and amateur gunslinger. Prefers ambulance outfitted with 10MJ lasers.
  • Dr. Kmee K’tee Mgii (Cmdr): Vegan Chief Medical Officer living in the unnecessarily high strung world of Homo Sapiens.
  • 1Lt. Ameen Sharshud: Fun loving sensor officer, Nusku Vilani, promoted too fast and in debt to his commander’s nemesis.
  • Chief Mission Officer Tatiana Vladic: Diplomat and humanitarian now consumed by the fires of spite. Possibly a good person, but a terrible colleague.
  • Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura: The iron lady on the Hadrian. Promoted too fast and the target of a ship-wide conspiracy.


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