The Hadrian Wall

Session 4 - A pink beer too far

Giuwei moon, Apishlun system, 2170AD

Recap: The UNNC Hadrian has arrived to the Apishlun system. Officially classified as a Red Zone, moon of the mainworld, Giuwei, is nonetheless a major trade hub for the sector. The Hadrian is seeking cash from the UWO office, as well as legal representation to remove the warrant put on them in the Dingir system.

Quirk: The crew is demoralized. Each character is considered mentally fatigued: Will-2 and one of incurious, bad temper or compulsive behaviour (carousing).

Major plot point: Elements of the native administration of a Red Zone system gets in touch with the Hadrian in hope that their scientist can crack the mystery of the Gaia bond, a biological phenomenon that lead to the Empire’s isolation of Apishlun 3Bn population from the rest of the empire.

Location: Giuwei, Low-Orbit Moon (LOM), Apishlun system
Terran timestamp: Sol 171, 2170 AD

About half of the Hadrian crew decided to take a shuttle from the interface station Harrar-A to the city downport. The Hadrian was left in the hands of Lt. Hirsh for the time being. Everyone was aware that today was the eve of the Apishlun new year: kind of a local big deal and a massive excuse for food and music. A pointless fight erupted between the Chief Mission Officer Vladic and Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura. Emotions were running high, and no one thought of trying to appease the two as the shuttle made its final approach. The two women left the shuttle with a disheveled look and a sky high blood pressure. Tatiana Vladic reported to the UWO embassy to request money, seek legal advice and lodge a complaint against Vulnicura. The acting ambassador, noticing her frazzled look, advised her to take some time off and reconsider the complaints against the Navy commander.

Location: Giuwei, Low-Orbit Moon (LOM), Apishlun system
Terran timestamp: Sol 171, 2170 AD

Ens. Ameen Sharshugar decided to head for a low-moon orbit station where the entertainment laws were a bit more loose. He had plans to release a lot of tension in a short amount of time. He didn’t want anyone from the Hadrian to witness that. He took a shuttle to the B-Bing entertainment complex (on a low-moon orbit). On his way, he switched from his navy uniform to a set of civilian clothes. He found a small establishment where the point of focus was a table of a local variant of Vilani poker. He joined the table, but got drunk faster than planned and soon blacked out.

He woke up on the following morning without his pants, and with his ankle shackled to the leg of a table. He searched a pile of coats and found a Vilani communication device, but it was locked and could only contact the emergency line. Eventually, a burly Vilani came into the room, unshaclked him and, offering a coffee and a bowl of bacon bits. He informed him that he had picked up his tab, but he was now in debt of a year of work on his ship as an engineers. Ameen kept for himself that he was, in fact, not an engineer. Suliman picked up on this as the conversation went along and started to look for ways to get rid of Ameen.

Location: Giuwei, downport sector, Apishlun system
Terran timestamp: Sol 171, 2170 AD

Rapidly, the crew of the Hadrian got lost in the festival atmosphere of the trading hub. Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura found a good restaurant and then attended a slam poetry performance at the central library. She then took a small hotel room and had a long and restorative night. The same couldn’t be said for most other crew members. Dr. Mgii got blitzed on a pink kind of fruit punch, Dr. Inuuq tried (and failed) to find a backdoor to contact the Apishlun native living in the Munqi area. He ultimately ended up drinking pink beer as well.


Xiao Chen, however, brushed aside his foul mood and started to do his thing. As the head agent for the Hadrian, his routine once on the planetside consisted in scoping the downport for interesting locations, figuring out patterns of law enforcement and identifying threat to operations. As Giuwei was in a festive mood, the environment was much more chaotic than usual. Chen found out that downport’s law enforcement was handled directly by the Imperial Marines, and that they were nervous about the new year’s celebrations. He also found out that the outlander sector, Mungwu, was off limit to the Marines: a useful factoid. His mobile vibrated. The holographic head of Tatiana popped over his device:

“_Chen, some lowly clerk from Munqi wants to make a deal with us. They insist in talking to scientists. I’m rounding up Inuuq and Mgii. Let’s meet at that bar near the stock market. We’ll need to get there unnoticed._”

Location: Giuwei, B-Bing Entertainment station, Apishlun system
Terran timestamp: Sol 172, 2170 AD

Dr. Inuuq, short of streetwise savvy, decided to head to the seediest entertainment station in low-orbit to find some way to get to Munqi. As he finally made contact with a native freelancer, he noticed Ens. Sharshugar discussing with a Vilani. Ameen was most pleased to see a fellow crewmate. Inuuq transferred from funds from his credit stick to free Ameen from his contract and the two headed in a shuttle to downport to meet with Tatiana. It looked like Dr. Inuuq would get in touch with the natives after all.

Location: Giuwei, dowport, Apishlun system
Terran timestamp: Sol 172, 2170 AD

Chen ripped a festival flag from a pole and draped it on his shoulder to look more like one of the reveler. A team of three marines was on to the terran party. Chen motioned Tatiana and vanished behind a food cart. Tatiana confronted the marines and, not willing to conflate the situation, managed to get them to back off. This gave a chance to the terrans to slip to the Munqi office while Chen stayed in their shadows.

The office was closed for the dayThe Munqi clerk was named Markhovo. He was a low-ranking employee from the science office. Cutting on formality, he offered the terra a sample of living stem lifeforms against a terran handheld science station. Inuuq pulled his tablet from his pack. The scientist came to an agreement, bypassing Tatiana how became irate. From their conversation, they found out that the native from Apishlun were more or less treated as prisoners by the Empire. They hoped that, by passing along samples to the terran, that a way around the Apishlun bond could be found. That bond connects/protects all living creatures down on the Gaia planet and at the same time making them entirely dependent on remaining within its sphere. The Empire classified this bond as an infection and decided to classify the system as a Red zone to contain the Gaia effect.

Dr. Inuuq managed to escape with the help of Agen Chen to the shuttle to return to the Hadrian, samples in a suitcase. To facilitate this, the others return to the street to draw the attention of the marines that were following them around. They shared on last pink beer with Markhovo, and found the man to be most pleasant and clever.

outlook for next session: INTEL analysis done by Bapke back on the Hadrian suggest that there may be an ongoing epidemics deeper into Imperial territory. The INTEL is, however, old and ambiguous. As the UWO can’t provide more cash, the Hadrian will need to task Clavain Malek, the pilot contractor, to operate a revenue generating trade to fund the operations. The crew has yet to truly relax, however, and emotions are still a bit on the raw side.


bongotastic bongotastic

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