The Hadrian Wall

Session 3 - Dash to safety

The escape from DIngir

Recap: The crew of the UNNC Hadrian has decided to dash to the Apishlun system where they will be able to get adequate legal and diplomatic representation. This means heading deeper into the Empire, and there are on board many personnel members that were planning to return home instead.

Location: Dingir, Low-Orbit planetary (LOP)
Terran timestamp: Sol 150, 2170 AD

Chief Mission Officer (CMO) Tatiana Vladic and Lt. Cmdr. Vulnicura wedged a truce in their bickering to coordinate efforts for the escape from Dingir. As most of the crew was slated to catch a ride back home, they were expecting many of them to oppose the plan to dash to Apishlun. The meeting in the ship’s bar was sombre, but the two commanders managed to keep enough of a crew onboard to operate the ship. The others would be leaving the Hadrian just before it initiates its burn to escape Dingir’s gravity well.

By then, most people had taken their biomonitors off. These devices are designed to keep track of all individual onboard, and can be used to inject sedative if any funny business takes place. However, the Embassador managed to cobble together a man-in-the-middle that simulates a normal network of people’s activities.

On imperial destroyer was then on route to a navy station some 3,000 miles away, and the other destroyer has slipped out of sensor tracking during the power outage. The Hadrian could possibly escape the system by a surprise burn then an acceleration to over 15 mps: they could afford the acceleration as their trip was one-way while the destroyer would have to husband Delta-V to return to low-orbit. The first burn to espace velocity was brief: 40s or so, and occurred coincidentally while the destroyer’s sensors were down (critical fail sensor check). By the time that the imperials had detected the change, a burn to break out of orbit would have sent them nearly 60 degrees off course. The imperials triggered the mass sedation of the Hadrian, and thinking that everyone was asleep, waited a full orbit to burn out of orbit. By then, it was clear that people weren’t asleep (despite the sensor readings). Clearly short of the Delta-V budget to chase and board the Hadrian, the Imperial Navy let them go, unlocked the targetting sensors, and broadcasted a warrant for the Hospital ship.

Once passed the 100D line, the UNNC Hadrian jumped into the next system.

Location: Kakushma system, 100D line of Gas Giant IV, 34 AU from star.
Terran timestamp: Sol 158, 2170 AD

The Hadrian decided to jump to the edge of the system and perform wild refueling instead of contending with the local navy. The initial sensor sweep revealed no navy picket ship in the area. However, the junior sensor operator detected an unpowered hulk some 200,000 miles away. Lt. Vulnicura ordered an intercept. The hulk was a Fat trader, completely powerless and engaged in an axial spin. Hoping for useful salvage, Ambulance pilot Clavain Malek and Marine Sgt. Bergmann sortied and docked the Hibiscus to the nose lock. Slowly, they used the Hibiscus’ own RCS thruster to slow down the spin. While this was ongoing, Bergmann entered the ship and found it already plundered. The only things of value was a series of 8 X 10MJ UV lasers, 6 of them still functional. He removed the weapons and loaded them onto the Hibiscus.

Since the Imperial Marines had removed all armament from the Hadrian, this find was seen as most welcomed. Three laser were mounted on the Hadrian’s laser turret, and Clavain obtained the permission to outfit the UNNC Hibiscus with one laser.


The Hadrian slingshot by the gas giant after skimming enough hydrogen to replenish the reaction mass storage. Total spent in Kakushma system: 4.5 days. Their next system was Daamaka, a place where they lost an ambulance in a terrorist attack at the time. They decided to rapidly jump out to Apishlun without refueling.

Location: Apishlun system, approach lanes of the mainworld starport.
Terran timestamp: Sol 171, 2170 AD

Although Apishlun is an interdicted system, its starport is really the commercial hub of the subsector. Once arrived in-system, Tatiana made contact with the embassy and filed her report. As usual, she filed grievances against her own naval leadership and demanded a replacement of command.

Tatiana also tasked her chief agent, Xong Chen, to establish a network on Apishlun B and try to build the best possible awareness.

Dr. Inuuq and Dr. Mgii worked hard to revived the stem lifeforms from Apishlun that they almost lost after the whole zebrafish incident. However, when the ship entered the system, the cells regained some kind of vitality that was unexpected. In order to save the experiment, they will need to have access to more material from the planet’s surface. Dr. Inuuq started to follow the paper trail that lead them to obtain samples the last time that the Hadrian was in the system.

The navy personnel decided to stand down for well deserved R&R.


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