The year is 2170. The third Interstellar war ended in shame for the Empire of the Stars with the capture of Nusku. The Vilanis are licking their wound and winding the mechanism for another strike. However, things have taken an unexpected turn. Viruses from Terra are ravaging the Imperial worlds. The Vilani biotech sector is much behind its time. In a display of good will, the United World Organization has volunteered a number of hospital ship equipped with Biotech minifac. Their mission: advise and support the Sharurshid in fighting off viral Pandemics. The problem with this scheme is that the Vilanis are suspect that Terrans are spreading their virus in retribution for the orbital bombardment that destroyed 12 major city centre on Terra in recent past. The other problem is that gene therapy through vaccination is seen as a genetic Terran invasion.

There are two campaign running under the Hadrian Wall:

  • Charter 173 (face to face): A hospital ship is on a relief mission inside the Empire. The UNNC Hadrian is this such ship.
  • Charter 22 (online): A yet to be defined game in the same universe, same timeline.


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The Hadrian Wall

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